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This joke site only contains clean, funny jokes. They are all free - some old and some new! Easy and fun to navigate - every section will make you laugh. Hilarious stories to tell your friends and family, just to read or perhaps send by email. Everyone has a different sense of humor and everyone will find a clean, short story, gag or wisecrack to make them laugh.

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Whoa! Have some great fun with hundreds of really very amusing short, clean jokes! Loads of different sections containing free wisecracks to suit your sense of humour! Cheer up your day with the very best in online humor. Pass them on and bring a smile to the face of your friends, family and colleagues - even your boss! Whether you like short, corny, dumb blond, little Johnny, political, stupid knock knock or stupid one liners you will find something that will make you laugh. We even have sections for special occasions - check out our sections on Birthday, Christmas, Wedding and Retirement clean, short funny jokes!

Funny Jokes
Our most popular jokes feature those suitable for school or college and the very popular dumb blonde sections. For some hilarious alternatives to the normal joke try out our Insult section - a really funny random insult generator - they're short, weird and always hilarious! Send them by email to make your friends laugh. Great Fun! We defy anyone not to laugh at these really humorous one-liners! From the past humour of Shakespeare Insults to up to date gags - the funniest and best Yo Mama sections on the internet! All of these really funny howlers are completely free! Have hours of fun looking through the funniest, clean, short  jokes & wisecracks around!

Clean Funny Jokes
"Laugh and the Whole World laughs with you!" But watch out some humor can be dangerous - haven't you heard of the terms 'Side Splitting' or a 'Thigh-slapper' and of course they always contain a good 'punch line'! Whether you're looking for the really funniest clean free stories, gags, really good short howlers, short one-liners, short puns, quips, a shaggy dog story, an absurdity, an anecdote, some really good banter, a belly laugh, a wisecrack, a gimcrack, a howler, a play on words, short quips, a rib tickler, a side splitter, a really good amusing story, a short wisecrack, a witticism, a wow, a yak or a really good yarn then you are certain to find the free hilarious wordplay and funny jokes you're looking for!

"Laugh and the Whole World laughs with you!"

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